Apt, uncomplicated, transferable

Plant Inductions


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Give contractors the tools to induct equipment

and yourself the ability to see it happen.

A subcontractor with a smartphone is a subcontractor that can register their plant and equipment to site. On their end, it’s a simple form to complete, and on your end you will see all relevant information such as serial numbers, risk assessments, manuals and logbooks. With the same tool, you can manage equipment your company owns.

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Eligible operators only

Scrutinise operator forms to ensure workers are compliant behind the wheel.

Register operators yourself, and use the forms they have submitted to determine if they are licenses and certified to use the equipment. To go the extra mile, enable workers to register themselves or borrow equipment, and track it all through 1Breadcrumb.

View equipment across each site

Visibility of all equipment on every project, so nothing is missed.

Complete visibility of equipment on each project from the office or on site. See where equipment has been, its documentation and historical checks.

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Register it once, and once only

No double-entry, and no lost information.

Move plant and equipment freely between sites with an easy tracking tool, and audit everything from the office. Attach unique identifiers like barcodes or QR codes to equipment to find them on the app quicker on site.

Seamlessly integrated with Procore

Automatic. Instant. Coordinated.

Isn’t nice when things just work? With Procore integration, you can enjoy complete visibility of all approved and rejected time-stamped plant inductions across every project in one convenient location.


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